Let the future be technologically innovative!
APPM intends to implement the innovation project on landfill gas production for the first time in Russia in the Year of Ecology

Arkhangelsk PPM — is one of the leading wood chemical mills in Europe.

It is the major container board manufacturer and one of the leaders in Russian pulp production.

Administration isprofessional and experienced.

Manufacturing technique is up to date.

Geographic location is advantageous — a port with a year-round navigation.

APPM is the acknowledged leader in social and environmental policy.

It has management system standards meeting the international quality, environment and labor protection standards requirements.


Titan Group Companies Have Not Harvested and DoNot Harvest Onthe Area Proposed ByGreenpeace Russia and WWF For the Nature Reserve

Preservation of intact forest landscapes in lease area of Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill and Titan Group

APPM and Titan Group Support Establishment of Verkhneyulovsky Nature Reserve on At Least 350,000 Ha

General supplier of forest raw material at APPM participates in the formation of new Russian FSC standards


164900, Russia, Arkhangelsk region
Novodvinsk, 1 Melnikova St.

E-mail: info@appm.ru
Enquiry service: (81852) 6-35-00