Board Production

When in 19681972 cardboard and corrugated packaging departments were put into operation APPM became the biggest producer of the goods in the USSR and later — in Russia. Today the production volume of container board exceeds 470,000 tons and up to 300 million of square meters of corrugated products (incl. the Podolsk branch of OJSC “Arkhbum”) per year.

Kraft board production, beginning of 1960s.see all photos

The keystone of cardboard production lies in the cooking plant, which makes up to 420 thousand tons of unbleached kraft pulp and NSSC (neutral sulfite semi-chemical) pulp. These intermediate products are used for production of kraftliner at the Board Machine-1 supplied by Valmet and for production of fluting at the Board Machine-2 supplied by Izhevsk Heavy Paper Equipment Plant. A major modernization of the whole board production took place in 20012004. The modernization affected the recovery boilers, evaporation plants, both board machines. The new Chemi Washing equipment for pulp washing had been installed.

There is a plan to do the final processing of the major part of the products made at BM-1 and BM-2, that are supplied to the domestic market, and ship the finished product to the Customers directly. Currently this is one of the most important strategic goals of APPM development.

In order to implement these plans, the Mill started construction of the new corrugated board production facilities. In November 2001 Arhbum OJSC commissioned a new production at Podolsk (Moscow region). The design capacity of the factory is 160 million m² of finished corrugated packaging per year. There is a plan to open similar factories at Nizhny Novgorod, Kiev and Kishinev.

APPM is the first Russian company that became a member of the International Kraft Institute that consolidates the board manufacturers.

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