Production Support and Auxiliary Areas

To ensure successful development, a company that operates under conditions of severe competition has to resolve multiple issues that are related not only to production proper but also to production support, sales, logistics etc. APPM today is a comprehensive multi-faceted production complex including a range of auxiliary production areas that ensure the uninterrupted operation of the main production.

Wood Yard

A new Woodroom-4 was commissioned in April 2007. It is equipped with contemporary dry debarking equipment, one-of-a-kind in Russia. APPM invested about 63 million Euro into construction of woodroom with capacity over 2.3 million m³ of wood/year.

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Repair and Mechanical Shop

The repair and mechanical shop is the oldest subdivision of APPM, which started its operation back in time when the Mill was still under construction. In 1960s this service was decentralized. Nowadays the RMS comprises the repair & mechanical shop and some repair sections at certain subdivisions of the Mill that not only ensure the reliable operation of the equipment but also resolve all the Mill’s technical retrofitting issues jointly with the engineering department.

Automated Control System and Communication

Over 65 years the APPM telecommunication service has passed a long way from a manual telephone switchboard for 200 subscriber numbers at Arkhangelsk Paper Mill construction project office to contemporary powerful telephone stations with thousands of subscriber numbers, internal process communication networks, radio search and satellite television systems.

The history of automated control systems started later, in 1974. Originally the automated process control system was developing in three directions: for resolving mill-wide organization and economic issues (CAM system), development and implementation of the automated supervisory dispatch control systems and implementation of the individual process control systems.

Nowadays the following subdivisions are reporting to the IT director of the Mill:

  • automation dept. that is in charge of the general mill issues like local area networks administration, maintenance of computers and printing and copying equipment etc.;
  • automated process control dept. that deals mostly with automation of the production process.

Under the current conditions, the development of automated control system is as important for sustainable and highly efficient operation of the Mill, as the process proper. The automated quality control systems installed on board and paper machines of the Mill enable on-line monitoring and adjustment of the product’s quality parameters, thus ensuring the high competitiveness at the market. The work of the management and sales teams will also now be impossible without the local area networks, multi-user accounting systems, communications. One of the highest strategic priorities of APPM is implementation of SAP R/3 company management system.


APPM continuously develops its power network and other auxiliary production areas. The Mill comprises three combined heat and power plants that produce over 1 billion kW/h of electricity annually and over 4 million gcal of heat as steam and hot water, thus the Mill provides heat and power not only for its own needs but also for the population and enterprises of Novodvinsk.

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Biological Treatment Plant

APPM management gives a special consideration to environmental safety issues. Until the middle 1990s the Mill, like the other Russian companies of the similar profile, treated the environmental costs exclusively as extra payment charged from the production company by the state for pollution of the environment. However, the situation changed in 1996, when following the recommendations of the advisors and under their direct supervision, the Mill started the implementation of the project targeted at provision of environmental safety at the kraft board production using the money from the International Bank loan. Since then APPM has been investing significant amounts of money into implementation of environmental activities: within the period between 1999 and 2004 the investments in this discipline exceeded 5 billion Rub.

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The biological treatment plant exists at APPM since 1967. It includes the biological treatment department, sludge utilization dept., sewage network dept. The main goal of this area is treatment and disinfection of waste waters, generated as a result of the Mill’s operation. The capacity of waste treatment plant is 668,000 m³/day. As a result of annual activities related to biological treatment plant modernization, the discharge volumes to the water reservoir are continuously decreasing and in 2007 they decreased almost twice compared to 2001.


The issues related to raw material delivery and shipment of the finished product to the customers are being comprehensively managed by the strategic partner of Arkhangelsk PPM, Arkhbum JSC. There the stakes are placed on development of own transportation subdivision. Arkhbum already owns a large fleet of vehicles and almost 700 railroad carriages, thus transporting over 1.3 million m³ of wood annually. The proximity of Arkhangelsk sea port with year-round navigation creates great opportunities for accessing the foreign market. APPM takes advantage of all related favorable opportunities and the share of the products shipped in sea containers is continuously growing.

The shipment of goods for the domestic market is done via railway and trucks. The motor transport dept. is basically a separate transportation company. The availability of own fleet of heavy trucks enable the prompt solution of any issues related to shipment and delivery of the Mill’s products. The annual freight turnover of the motor transport subdivision exceeds 53 million ton-km. A wide range of product shipment opportunities not depending on the shipment volumes favorably distinguish APPM from the majority of other companies of P&P industry.

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