Board and Corrugated Packaging Production

APPM is the biggest board manufacturer in Russia, its share in the Russia-wide production is about 22 %. The strongest positions APPM has at the container board market. Such position is ensured due to the Mill’s own raw material and own processing facilities (corrugated board factories) in the regions with sustainably strong demand in corrugated packaging goods such as Arkhangelsk and Podolsk.

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Board and corrugated packaging production departments of APPM were commissioned in 1968–1972 which made the Mill one of the leaders in corrugated board production in USSR, and later in Russia. Nowadays the annual production of the container board at APPM is above 470,000 ton, and joint production of corrugated board and corrugated packaging with Podolsk factory of Arhbum OJSC is about 300 million m²/year.

The raw material for board production is delivered from the APPM’s own cooking department that produces unbleached kraft pulp and NSSC pulp. This intermediate product is used for production of linerboard (kraftliner) at the Valmet Board Machine-1 (BM-1) and for production of fluting and universal board (uniliner) at the BM-2 supplied by Izhevsk Plant. Part of the manufactured container board is sent for processing to the Mill’s own corrugated packaging department, where it’s used for production of corrugated board sheets and corrugated board boxes, while the other part is sold to the customers at the domestic and foreign markets. The availability of own processing facilities enables the prompt control of the board quality produced at Arkhangelsk PPM.

As a result of a large-scale rebuild of BM-1 over the last several years, the capacity of the machine was increased by 40 000 ton/year. At the first stage of rebuild a first shoe press in Russia was installed by Voith (Austria) as well as a new calendar supplied by the same manufacturer and an ABB variable speed drive with the new DC motors. As a result, the operation speed of the machine went up to 600 meters/min. A new base and top ply screening system by Andritz was also installed at BM-1.

The goal of the second stage of BM-1 rebuild was board quality improvement. A Fibron automated board web threading system was installed at BM-1, the 6 single-chamber suction boxes were replaced with the 3 double-chamber suction boxes with vacuum control, the two new knockoff showers with pumps were installed, a top ply suction box was moved. As a result, the yield of the high grade board types grew from 85 to 92 %.

The biggest scope of work was implemented during the third stage of BM-1 rebuild in 2004. It included installation of a new Module Jet base ply headbox as well as a new three-chamber suction box with vacuum control to replace the three old ones, replacement of a base ply mixing pump as well as the base ply short circulation system, rebuild of top ply short circulation system, the press section and the first dryer group, upgrade of the steam and condensate system, installation of an automated reel spool rethreading system, high density stock screening system. The modernization resulted in the decreased fluctuations of the board basis weight, steam saving by 58 % and increased max speed of the board machine up to 680 m/min.

The own produced linerboard and fluting serve as raw material for corrugated board production at APPM. The three-ply corrugated board produced at the Mill features very high technical properties and strength parameters that are ensured due to 100 % pulp material. The corrugated board is manufactured at the corrugated board machine supplied by S (Germany). The design capacity of the machine is 100 million m²/year. The corrugated board packaging is manufactured at Marius Martin equipment (France) which comprises an automated line and slotters. The capacity of the corrugated packaging equipment is 60 million m³/year.

The construction of the corrugated board packaging factory at Podolsk (Moscow Region) that was commissioned in November 2001 with production capacity of 140 million m² has become an important milestone in implementation of APPM corporate strategy targeted at increasing the finished product output. The Central region of Russia was deliberately selected for construction of these facilities; the choice of the location was determined by the significant share of the Central region in the national consumption of corrugated packaging, which is up to 45 %. The state-of-the-art equipment is installed at the factory, such as BHS corrugated board machine, the three EMBA corrugated board box production lines and other. The factory currently offers high-quality packaging made of three-ply and five-ply corrugated board for packing various food and industrial goods.

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