Paper Production

The paper production  the oldest production area at APPM was commissioned back in 1940. The first product of the paper mill was unbleached wrapping paper. In 1941 the Mill switched to paper production for the military needs. Over 18,000 tons of paper was produced during the War.

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Until 1997 the paper production was a part of the general sulfite pulp and paper mill. But in 1997 the sulfite pulp mill with capacity of 230,000 ton was shut down by the decision of the shareholders. The outdated process did not comply with the contemporary environmental requirements. Nowadays the main raw material for paper production is kraft bleached pulp from the third production area.

Currently within APPM there are two paper manufacturing factories and paper goods department, which produce dozens of production types. About 80,000 tons of pulp produced at the mill are processed into paper.

There are three papermaking machines at the mill: a Vülner PM-3, PM-4 manufactured by Dnepropetrovsk plant (the most powerful, with a capacity up to 36,000 tons of paper annually), and PM-6, which produces approx. 15,000 tons of paper per year. Within the years of operation all the three paper machines were renovated several times. In particular, a large scope of work was done at PM-4 in 2001: the wire section, dryer section, reel section were replaced, an automated product quality control system was installed. The machine’s speed increased from 300 to 370 m per minute.

PM-6 commissioned in 1999 after four years of mothballing enabled the Mill to produce over 15,000 tons of paper/year and provided over 70 jobs.

The paper stationery department produces over 350 million school exercise books per year. Nowadays the Mill is the biggest manufacturer of school exercise-books in Russia with about 25 % share at the market.

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