Corporate Policy

APPM holds out for remaining not only profitable and financially stable company, but also provide reliable and advanced future for its employees.

Internal corporate policy of our company is directed on development of human capital. We appreciate result-oriented, self-improving people, who develop themselves, who are able to solve difficult problems professionally. We appreciate hardworking, communicative and reliable people. Devotion and loyalty of our employees, their ability to understand and take into account strategic priority of our company is greatly important for our company.

Company is interested in harmonious age balance of employees. We are trying to draw attention of young, energetic, motivated specialists and keep experienced professionals who work at our company for a long time. We are interested in adjustment of credible feed back between company management and employees.

We welcome employees’ aspiration to make a contribution in corporate culture.

We are trying to do our best to make our employee feel secure and work in stable working collective. Arkhangelsk PPM realizes that it is impossible to boost work efficiency without it.

164900, Russia, Arkhangelsk region
Novodvinsk, 1 Melnikova St.

Enquiry service: (81852) 6-35-00