Policy of Arkhangelsk PPM, JSC in Terms of Quality, Environment, Health and Occupational Safety

Arkhangelsk PPM, JSC is one of the leading chemical wood processing enterprises in Russia and Europe. Nowadays the mill is a multi-functional industrial complex with up-to-date infrastructure, well-functioning sales and procurement systems as well as efficient corporate management system.

An integrated management system developed in compliance with international quality, environment, health and occupational safety standards is successfully employed and continuously improved at Arkhangelsk PPM, JSC in order to meet all possible requirements of the consumers, raise competitiveness of the products and improve the company’s image.

The mill’s management undertakes the responsibility and, therefore, specifies the most important goals as follows:

  • Improving the quality and competitiveness of the products to meet the requirements of the consumers and ensure sustainable profit;
  • Reducing the negative environmental impact and preventing pollution of the environment;
  • Ensuring security and health safety of the mill’s employees in the process of industrial activity.

In order to achieve the identified goals we are pursuing the following objectives:

  • Continuous development and efficiency improvement of the integrated management system;
  • Establishing mutually-beneficial partnership with customers and vendors;
  • Ensuring that process operations, maintenance and operation of the equipment, buildings and facilities are done in compliance with specified requirements;
  • Modernization of the existing process equipment, implementation of the new technologies and improvement of industrial processes in consideration of low waste and resource-saving technologies as well as requirements, regulations and rules of environmental and health safety;
  • Continuous upgrading of the professional qualifications of the mill’s personnel and creation of efficient incentive system to increase the labor efficiency and satisfaction of the employees;
  • Ensuring identification of dangers, evaluation of risks and risk management;
  • Planning and implementation of activities aimed to decrease the negative environmental impact and improve the working conditions for the employees;
  • Keeping the mill’s personnel and other involved parties informed in terms of quality, environment and occupational safety.

Every employee is responsible for meeting the consumers’ requirements, preventing the negative environmental impact, compliance with safety requirements.

The management of Arkhangelsk PPM, headed by the company’s CEO undertakes to implement this Policy involving all the employees of Arkhangelsk PPM as well as to run all the mill’s processes in compliance with legislation and other statutory requirements.

The Policy applies to the mill in general and provides guidelines for each employee and for the company as a whole.

Chief Executive Officer D. I. Zyliov
Arkhangelsk PPM, JSC April 1, 2013

164900, Russia, Arkhangelsk region
Novodvinsk, 1 Melnikova St.

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