Policy of Arkhangelsk PPM, JSC in Terms of Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is the company’s activities in social, economic and environmental spheres of public life aimed at implementation of its own social programs in the Mill’s priority areas.

Arkhangelsk PPM, JSC is one of the biggest pulp and paper enterprises in Russia and Europe bearing a significant social responsibility. The mill’s management realizes that successful performance of the enterprise affects the well-being of the citizens in Novodvinsk and Akhangelsk Region.

When fulfilling the provisions of the Policy in Terms of Quality, Environment, Health and Occupational Safety, the management of APPM headed by the company’s CEO undertakes to analyze and improve the social responsibility system created at the Mill, which bases on the following principles:

  • Compliance with the legislation of Russian Federation in terms of working time and wages;
  • Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment;
  • Prevention of child and forced labor, discrimination of any kind, application of corporal punishment, moral and physical coercion, as well as verbal assault;
  • Respect for the personnel’s right to establish professional associations and participate in working out and approval of the Collective bargaining agreement;
  • Compliance with the laws of Russian Federation, Declaration of Human Rights, agreements of the International Labour Organization and United Nations Organization as stated in SA 8000 requirements;
  • Providing information concerning social responsibility to the personnel and other concerned parties;
  • Conducting business with the suppliers/contractors acting according to the above mentioned principles.

The present Policy applies to all the personnel of the Mill and is available for all the concerned parties.

Chief Executive Officer D. I. Zyliov
April 1, 2013

164900, Russia, Arkhangelsk region
Novodvinsk, 1 Melnikova St.

E-mail: info@appm.ru
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