Heinz Zinner: «Investments in tissue plant in Kaluga region


Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill is the largest enterprise of Pulp Mill Holding Group, which considers modernization of pulp and paper facilities, investments in the development as the priority tasks. Heinz Zinner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill declared it on November 29, 2017 in Vienne (Austria) at the Third International Conference «Russian Pulp and Paper Industry— New realities, New opportunities».

According to him, the mill has achieved apparent growth of all indices. Thus, the annual pulp cooking increased from 2014 by 6%, market pulp production — by 9,5% containerboard — by 2,5%, paper — by 13,4%.

Total sales revenue of APPM increased by 47,4%, profitability — by 14,7 percentage points. «Such high results were achieved due to active investment policy of Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, which since 1998 had invested 19.6 billion rubles in the modernization of production facilities», — Heinz Zinner noted.

He emphasized that the mill applied the best resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies, as a consequence of the partnership with the world leading manufacturers of pulp and paper equipment — Andritz, Valmet Technologies, Voith, Bellmer, MAN, RCS and other.

The key project of the Development Strategy of Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill is the priority investment project «Reconstruction of Cardboard Production». Heinz Zinner disclosed the most significant and important stages of the project, in which the introduction of the best available technologies in cooperation with the leading foreign companies would have the greatest effect. In particular, the speaker presented the technical re-equipment of BM No.2.

«In fact, it will be a new cardboard machine combining almost all the most progressive elements: a new vacuum system will increase the productivity and reduce fresh water consumption; a new shoe press will improve the cardboard and fluting and energy efficiency in general; a new reel section and the parent reel transferring system will almost completely eliminate manual labor, » - Mr. Zinner said.

He paid attention that the reconstruction of BM No 2 and installation of the energy-efficient equipment of Valmet Technologies would reduce the environmental load of water consumption and disposal as well as energy consumption. According to Heinz Zinner, reduction of energy consumption will amount to 5%, process water — 12%.

Heinz Zinner, detailed the APPM’s project of a new evaporation station construction with the total investments over 42 million euros. The main equipment for the station, productivity of which equals to 600 tons per hour of evaporated moisture, will also be supplied by Valmet Technologies. «The project is innovative, as no one in the world has ever tried to solve the problem of red and black liquors evaporation in the planned proportion,» he said. «The innovation is not only the equipment, but its layout in the technological scheme, the order of operations.»

Heinz Zinner drew attention of the audience to the construction of the «greenfield» sanitary and hygienic products plant «Arkhbum Tissue Group» in the Kaluga region, which would solve the problem of import substitution of hygiene (tissue) products in Russia. «It will be the most modern and highly productive plant in the country, due to use of the advanced technological processes and technical means in production,»- he said.

Heinz Zinner said that now the contract with Andritz for delivery of 5.6 m wide 70,000 tonne/yr tissue machine is under discussion as well as two Futura converting lines.

The investments in the project have already exceeded 110 million Euro.

The start-up of the first stage (till 2019) will ensure 70,000 tonne/yr of tissue. The construction of the second stage (2019 — 2021) will increase it up to 120 000 tonne/yr.

The potential of the plant until 2025 is 210,000 tonnes/yr of tissue.

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