Anaim ofAPPM board plant re-equipment ishigh quality


Preparation for step-by-step reconstruction of two BMs (BM-1 and BM-2) started at a board plant of Arkhangelsk PPM. Re-equipment process is totally estimated in more than 2,8 bln rub. and will be held during 20122017 under a high-priority investment project “Board plant re-equipment”.

The first stage will be BM-1 reconstruction — installation of a top wire table and a new stuff box. This program is aimed at improvement of board quality, its look and physical — mechanical factors in the process of saving machine speed characteristics.

Reconstruction of BM-1 will include reel-up stand re-equipment, rewinder, dry end and transport-packaging line.

APPM operational director Alexander Tufanov told, that the next large stage of the board plant re-equipment will be BM-2 capacity development, and its speed will increase up to 800 m/min. He also noted that if BM-1 will output only board, BM-2 can output not only corrugated paper, but also fluting.

Then improvement of BM-1 will continue— its speed characteristics will be maximum (up to 1000 m/min).

Strategic program of two BMs re-equipment will be directed among others on development of production line — plant which is highly popular at a low density products market (from 80 gr/m² till 250 gr/m²).

As explained by Production Director Mr. Alexander Tufanov reconstruction of two standalone BMs will be held step by step, shutdown of every machine will be planned with minimum inconvenience for finished goods consumers.

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