“Bumazhnik” — a mirror of mill’s history

In 2011 a corporate newspaper of Arkhangelsk PPM celebrated its 75 years anniversary. The beginning of mill’s periodicals was started on June, 1st 1936, when the first Arkhbumstroiy “Za stahanovskyu stroiku” was published. It happened 4 years earlier the mill’s foundation. Then another newspaper “Voroshilovets” replaced it. In the years of the Great Patriotic War a newspaper “Informatsionnyiy listok” reported mill’s employees and citizens of the village about the latest war events.

The new stage of APPM press started in war time. April 7th, 1946 readers received a newspaper “Bumazhnik”. Its editor became an ex-builder, front-line soldier, Hero of the Soviet Union Feodor Korzhavin.

Since that time newspaper’s look and its collective changed greatly, the only permanent thing, that remained was — weekly “Bumazhnik” which had thousands of readers and always told about labour collectives, about working plans, about the best APPM’s employees.

If we collect all materials published in the corporate newspaper during the years of its existence, we will get a real encyclopedia, due to which we can study the whole mill’s history, and the history of Novodvinsk. In 2010 — when APPM celebrated its 70-year anniversary — “Bumazhnik” editors became authors of the large book, devoted to APPM’s people and their lives. It was called “Passing boundary between the eras”.

Nowadays, when our company has many innovative plans, journalists have a lot of interesting work. They depict the life of the mill in their articles.

Editor’s office address and contacts

Editor’s office
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Chief Editor
Elena Zakharova

164900, Russia, Arkhangelsk region
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